Blue Glow Bracelets

Since the invention of glowsticks in the 1960's 'glow products' have become more and more popular and have taken on various shapes from necklaces to glowing cups.

Open packet of Glow Bracelets

Blue Glow Bracelets

Take a look at the picture & you will see that blue glow bracelets look very similar to the blue neon signs, an unnatural yet captivating glow. We do tend to find that neon blue in either glow products or battery powered novelties are the most popular - there is just something good about neon blue.

Prior to activation, blue glow bracelets look clear, there is no indication that they would ever be blue as with some of the other coloured bracelets. But as soon as you activate them there is no doubt.

Blue glow bracelets

Typical dimensions: 20cm x 0.5cm