Since the invention of glowsticks in the 1960's 'glow products' have become more and more popular and have taken on various shapes from necklaces to glowing cups.

Open packet of Glow Bracelets

Glow Bracelets press release 23rd April 2012

With the jubilee and the Olympics fast approaching thoughts turn to parties and celebrations. But how do we dress up to celebrate these evens? Doncaster-based business, Glow Bracelets, have a massive selection of glow bracelets available in various colours that lend themselves perfectly for just such occasions.


Bracelets have seen a surge in popularity over recent times, with charity bracelets and story telling bracelets providing inspiration for children across the nation.  Glow bracelets have also proven popular with children especially at school discos and birthday parties. 


Glow bracelets are mass produced.  One liquid is piped into a thin glass vial which is heat sealed.  This is then placed inside plastic tubing which contains another liquid, forming the bracelet.  Once the vial is broken, by bending or breaking, the two liquids mingle and a chemical reaction results in a luminescent glow.


The paper thin glass breaks very easily, and is held securely by the thick plastic coating so there is no chance of injury.  The finished products are packaged in an air cushioned bag to prevent accidental breakage and then distributed to suppliers.


As well as partying and supporting your favourite footie team, you might want to know of other uses for your glow bracelets:


  • Diving

Because they are completely waterproof, glow bracelets are ideal for using to view marine life on night dives.

  • Caving

Light and easy to transport, the glow bracelet emits light for up to eight hours at a time so is perfect for underground spaces.

  • Camping

Whether for indoor lighting in your tent, or to keep tabs on a friend who needs to leave the vicinity for a few minutes, glow bracelets lets you know where your friends are.

  • Emergency Lights

During natural disasters, or power cuts, nothing is as safe or as easy to use as glow sticks. 

  • Night Vision

Some glow sticks are capable of emitting infrared instead of visible light and are used for military purposes.

  • Science

Glow bracelets and sticks can be used to teach children the concept of bio-luminescence.

  • Visibility on Dark Nights

If you are safety-conscious and want to be seen on dark nights, glow bracelets provide an affordable solution which allows you to see and be seen.


Glow bracelets from are supplied with connectors so you can use them to create any number of accessories.