What can glow bracelets be used for?

Since the invention of glowsticks in the 1960's 'glow products' have become more and more popular and have taken on various shapes from necklaces to glowing cups.

Open packet of Glow Bracelets

What can glow bracelets be used for?

The original 6" glowstick that was initially made for the military has a strong reputation as 'a multipurpose light source' - used in may areas such as emergency lighting, camping, rescue services & more. However, the glow bracelet is very versatile and can be equally as practical.

Glow bracelets are incredibly popular, not only because thay are relatively cheap but also because they have many uses. Here's a few common uses for the bracelets:

  • Party!
    Well yes quite obvious but those of you who have experienced glow products will know that as soon as you activate them at a party everything gets a bit more livelier & people seem to have more fun. If you throw a 'Glow Party' it will be remembered for a long time
  • Fundraising
    Glow & light up novelties are perfect for raising funds for your charity, school etc. So grab some glow bracelets and we guarantee everybody will be like moths to a light. Ideal times to do this are for bonfire night, disco's, Christmas parties, club nights, sponsored events & more - it just has to be a little bit dark!
  • Night Visibility
    Glow bracelets are extremely practical for lighting people and objects up at night. Kids love to wear them but it also means they can be spotted at night - When next out walking the dog wear a glowing bracelet if you are near traffic - On your next camping trip use them as low level lighting in the tent, highlight tent pegs & other obstacles - Glowing bracelets are also used for night golf, they are placed on the hole marker and also in each hole

Bunch of glow bracelets

As glow in the dark bracelets are supplied with connectors it is possible to attach as many together as you like - in a loop or in a line. So you can make glow necklaces too or a glowing belt or just wrap yourself up with hundreds of them!

We are sure there are lots more uses for these handy items!