Multi-Colour Glow Bracelets

Since the invention of glowsticks in the 1960's 'glow products' have become more and more popular and have taken on various shapes from necklaces to glowing cups.

Open packet of Glow Bracelets

Mixed Colour Glow Bracelets

Why choose 1 colour whan you can have them all ! Mixed colour glow bracelets usually consist of green, blue, yellow, orange, red and pink glow bracelets. Before they are activated its not always so easy to tell what colour each braclet is, but once they all start glowing they look fabulous

Glow in the Dark Bracelets

Glow in the dark bracelets are usually supplied in tubes of 50 or 100 as they are relatively inexpensive. As each bracelet is easy to start the glowing process the tube keeps the glow braclets rigid and stops any accidental activations. The tube also offers a handy place to keep the connectors.

Tube of Glow in the dark bracelets

Usual bracelet dimensions: 20cm x 0.5cm