How Are Glow Bracelets Made?

Since the invention of glowsticks in the 1960's 'glow products' have become more and more popular and have taken on various shapes from necklaces to glowing cups.

Open packet of Glow Bracelets

How are glow bracelets made?

You would be right in thinking that glow bracelets are mass produced, however, each one is individually made with quite some precision. First a very thin glass vial is made to house one of the two liquids. This is then filled and the top of the glass is sealed with a high temperature flame and a cutting tool

So you can see clearly, here is a larger glowstick in production - the phial being filled & sealed

Making a glow bracelet

This vial and it's contents are then placed into a plastic tube that will become the actual bracelet. This has also been filled with another liquid that will react with the other liquid to give you that fantastic glow once its activated. The bracelet is now ready to be sealed.

100 bracelets at a time are heated and sealed using this machine.

Glow bracelets placed into an air cushion bag

The glow bracelets are then placed into an air cushion bag (very carefully!) and placed into their packaging along with the connectors ready to be used.